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Mandate and History

Creativity lies within all the people. Participation in the arts, therefore, is essential to our well-being, both as individuals and a society.

Founded in 2009 by a collective of Edmonton amateur performers, Arts of Life performing studio “Kalyna – Tetractys” is a not-for-profit centre for youth and adult performers. The studio supports the research and development of new performing practices and concepts, creation of public outreach programs and encourages experimentation by performers through diverse programming. We seek work in the variety of performing arts, to become a place for creative growth. Every performer has a choice of being an actor in a play, taking classes in performing arts, supporting available projects, while working in a friendly team of volunteers or initiating their own project with the opportunity to follow it though from planning stage to completion.



The Kalynas

Kalyna has been an integral part of the natural Ukrainian landscape and Ukrainian tradition since time immemorial. It has become a symbol and legend that is deeply intertwined into Ukrainian culture and folklore. From the 1600-1700s to the first half of this century, the kalyna’s symbolism evolved from representing home to Kozzaks to representing Ukraine and its freedom. In the anthem of Ukrainian soldiers of World War I, Oy, U Luzi Chervona Kalyna, the line “We will pick up the chervona kalyna, we will make Ukraine happy again” clearly shows the connection. The plant with the red berries even became their emblem.


А ми тую червону калину піднімемо, А ми нашу славну Україну, Гей, гей, розвеселимо!





The Tetractys

The immensely influential philosopher-mathematician, mystic and sage, Pythagoras, believed that the TETRACTYS, was one of the most deceptively simple and yet profound models. It is a many-layered symbol with a rich flow of meanings, relationships and correspondences. Describing not only the nature of the universe, but also the nature of any system, and the human being. The Tetractys provides a useful model for the process of psychological and educational development. The initial task is to identify and compare each of the different levels since, ‘only separated things can unite’. Once the process of separation and differentiation has been achieved, the remaining task is to connect all the different levels into a conscious unity and wholeness.



Your membership supports “Kalyna-Tetractys” Studio projects and programs as well as the Studio’s role as a community initiative in the performing arts. It also provides opportunities to meet other members involved in performing, to network, socialize and create joint cultural performing projects.

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Kalyna – Tetractys

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